Education Minister Nikki Kaye and Associate Education Minister Tim Macindoe have said that School capacity across New Zealand will increase as a result of $392.4 million of capital funding and $64.1 million of operating funding over four years.

Nikki Kaye has said “This will provide six new schools, two school expansions, the relocation of two special education schools, 11 new special education satellite units and around 305 new classrooms nationwide.”

This investment is part of our commitment to provide the public services we need in a growing country, and will help us modernise and transform schools into 21st Century learning environments Tim Macindoe has said.

The extra funding announced today will see us increase the total number of new student places in the city to more than 21,000 by 2021.

The Government will announce further details on all these school property projects over the coming months.

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