BNZ chief executive Anthony Healy has called for a capital gains tax to close the “big gap between rich and poor” that’s emerged in the last decade. Healy said it’s one of the four big priorities the bank wants the new Government – whoever that might be – to focus on.

“We still have too many that can’t afford a home, homeless people, a big gap between rich and poor.”

While statistics show income inequality slowly rising Healy says the increasing price of property is behind his call for a capital gains tax.

“When you’ve had a decade of high liquidity and asset price bubbles, those that have assets and those that don’t have assets, that’s where the biggest gap between rich and poor’s emerging,” he said.

“I think addressing that through redistribution, particularly with a capital gains tax, would certainly be something I’d like both Governments to be considering.”

BNZ is one of the ‘Big Four’ Australian-owned banks that dominate New Zealand’s banking sector.

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