Developers have been asked to help solve Wellington’s housing crisis by redeveloping inner-city buildings into social housing and affordable apartments. Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said housing was the biggest issue facing the city and bold action needed to be taken.

Wellington mayor Justin Lester and deputy Paul Eagle said the council would work with building owners to catalyse development, including ensuring long-term leases and making one-stop shop consenting available for projects.

The council plans to work with building owners to accelerate development by leasing the buildings for 15 to 20 years and acting as a landlord, making a one-stop shop consenting available for the project.

• The plan will be to develop one and two bedroom units in buildings above 67 per cent of the National Building Standard for seismic performance.

• Deputy Mayor and housing portfolio leader Paul Eagle said ‘costs will be dependent on the number of housing units we can get developed under the initiative. But it is expected that the housing provided will be cost neutral for ratepayers in the long-term, as building owners will pay for the refurbishment and tenants will pay for rents.’

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