Aging-in-place renovations that make homes friendlier for older adults have boomed in popularity. For those who plan to buy, build or renovate a house for older people, here’s a few simple design choices that might help.

• Single-level living is the most basic aging-in-place solution – open-plan living areas are more conducive to aging.

• For wheelchair & walker access, the entrance doors should be at least 920mm wide & interior doors a minimum of 820mm wide.

• Bending & reaching is often a challenge for seniors – raise the height of appliances, make appliances and cabinets accessible.

• If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider adjusting the space between the perimeter benchtops and the kitchen island.

• Remodel the bathroom by adding a large walk-in shower with textured tiles.

• Since older people have difficulty in grasping & holding items, choose hardware & fixtures that are easier to grasp & operate.

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