Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party (TOP) wants to make it illegal to kick out a tenant for any reason other than lack of payment or damage to property.

Morgan’s policy would move New Zealand to a German-style rental system where tenancies are much more secure and long-term.

He would also introduce rental warrants of fitness and donate the government social housing stock to non-profit social housing providers.

 Lease terms would essentially be abolished, with the assumption that all tenancies are long-term.Selling a rental property would not be a reason to get rid of tenants – any new buyer would need to take them on.

Landlords would only be able to kick out a tenant for not paying rent or damaging the property.  The length of notice that landlords must give to tenants would be based off how long the tenant had lived in the property.

Rent increases would be restricted so tenants could not be priced out intentionally.

New leases would have market rent set by landlords and accepted by tenants, essentially as they operate now. This data from new leases would be used to find average rent increases in an area, which could then be applied to existing tenancies in that area, with the burden spread over three years.

Tenants would be able to leave by giving 90 days notice.

People who wanted to move into a rental they owned would be allowed to do this once, but find it quite hard to do it a second time.

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