Renting out properties as short-term Airbnb lets could be a better solution for landlords looking to maximise their returns.

• Nested’s property ROI index suggests an Auckland investor would take 22.6 years to recover their purchase price leasing through Airbnb, compared to 31.6 years by traditional tenanting.

• Some Kiwis who have had hands-on experience switching rentals into Airbnb properties agree there are improved returns to be had, even after vacancies & expenses.

• Some landlords make about double leasing the extra spaces out by Airbnb, enjoying high occupancy rates compared to what they did as normal rentals.

• However, other Kiwi Airbnb hosts say the experience is not all “milk and honey”, citing perceived inequity that renting out rooms in their house through Airbnb is subject to tax whereas having flatmates isn’t.

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