Buying a property without enough knowledge about it can be risky. The more you know about a property, the more choices you’ll have to buy it right, with lesser risks & better yield. Here’s a few that could help you.

• Check all property data from organisations such as QV, REINZ,, Terranet, & others that offer useful data for buyers.
• Buyers should always order a Land Information Memorandum & the council file that contain information about the property.
• If you’re looking at buying, doing up & selling on, get rental data from MBIE & analyse bond data lodged by landlords.
• Get a residential property investment calculation spreadsheet or app that can help you make sense of the data & plan for the future.
• Get aerial photographs of the property via Land Information NZ, GeoMaps, or Google Earth for they can highlight potential problems not seen from ground level.
• If you’re in doubt & need professional help, join different groups online & offline and avail free services on offer.

Or, better yet, talk to us at NZPIC.

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