Food in general isn’t cheap – it’s one of our biggest expenses. If you want to hold on to the great homeowner dream, you need to keep track of your food spending. Here are ways to reduce your weekly food bill.

• Begin with the elimination of wastage, which is equivalent to throwing money in the bin.

• Do up a nutritious meal plan, put the groceries you need on your shopping list, & don’t buy any unnecessary items.

• Never opt for food delivery programs to lose weight, stick to brown rice & tuna (BR&T), which is cheap & healthy.

• Bring your lunch to work, BR&T is guaranteed to shave dollars off your grocery bill.

• Meanwhile, for a snack, a healthy serving of carrot sticks & homemade hummus will cost you no more than $1.

• Combining BR&T with other measures to slash your food bill is a good start.

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