Landlords felt meth contamination in rental properties is becoming more of a problem. Yet, only a few of them are aware of meth testing standards.

• A recent survey shows only a quarter of landlords were aware of the draft national standard for testing and decontamination of properties polluted by methamphetamine.

• Researchers found 24% knew about the Ministry of Health funded recommendations released for public comment last month – only 2% had made submissions on it.

• The new standard, which aims to set the maximum contamination that can exist in a property after being cleaned, suggests 2 decontamination level options.

• Option A suggests a level of 1.5mcg/100cm2 for living spaces, & higher level of 3.4mcg/100cm2 for limited exposure areas. Option B offers 3 levels – 0.5mcg/100cm2 where contamination is caused by lab activity; 1.5mcg/100cm2 for carpeted properties; & 2mcg/100cm2 for properties without carpet.

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