Lyttelton Port will be getting a new cruise ship berth worth $56m. The new berth is due to be finished in Spring 2017 and is designed to accomodate large ships that carry over 7000 passengers and crew.


The 2011 earthquakes have prevented most cruise ships from going to the Lyttelton Port, instead they’ve had to bypass through to Akaroa.


The cruise ship industry is very valuable to New Zealand tourism, the annual forecast is due to grow to $490m this year and the number of cruise ship passengers has grown by 48 percent over the past five years.


• CCT Cruise spokesperson Caroline Blanchfield said it would ” rehabilitate’ Christchurch in the eyes of the Australian cruise passengers, who then returned for a land-based holiday.


• Cruise New Zealand board member Tony Petrie has said it is also possible that Christchurch could become a “turnaround” port for ships carrying under 1500 guests, boosting arrivals into the the city’s airport & creating further economic benefits from refuelling & reprovisioning.

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