A new app made by a US-based company ‘Rentberry’ is set to hit New Zealand, they describe themselves as a ‘price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords.’ The new app in question allows tenants to bid against each other for a rental property. Renters are concerned as this will drive up already barely affordable prices.

• Tenants can search for properties, they can analyse competition, find out how they fit in terms of the competition and customise offers based on the personal criteria and needs.

Chief executive Alex Lubinsky of Rentberry has stated  ‘It allows for the landlord to get the true maximum rental price for his property, and this is the right of the landlord.’

•  Kayla Healey of Renters United has said ‘If it does come here and it is successful it’s going to drive rents up even higher in a market that renters can already barely afford, I think it’s dangerous because I think out of desperation people are going to offer more than they can afford.”

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