New Zealand is among the strongest housing markets in the world, confirms Global Property Guide, ranking #5 overall house prices surge.

• Acc. to Global Property Guide research, New Zealand’s house price rises are accelerating again, as post-earthquake rebuilding is bolstering the housing market.

• NZ’s median house prices rose by 9.47% in 2016, a sharp increase from a rise of 3.24% in 2015, but dropped slightly by 0.22% q-o-q during Q4 2016.

• The 5 strongest housing markets in the 2016 survey were: China (+21.34%), Iceland (+12.53%), Romania (+11.01%), Canada (+10.66%), & New Zealand (+9.47%).

• Outside China, Europe is the epicentre of today’s house price boom, w/ rising house prices during 2016 in no less than 18 of the 23 European housing markets.

• Iceland is now the strongest housing market in Europe & second best performer in the global survey, amidst strong economic growth.

• Meanwhile, US house price rises are moderating except Canada, where the housing market rose strongly, up 10.66% in 2016 from 4.52% rise in 2015.

• The biggest y-o-y house-price declines were in Montenegro (-12.95%), Russia (-9.27%), Qatar (-5.69%), Brazil (-5.51%), & Mongolia (-4.85%).

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