New Zealand annual house price growth accelerated to 2.7% in April from 2.5% in March,  still however down from the 7.6%  in April 2018, according to Quotable Value figures.

A number of regions are registering double-digit annual growth in property values.

Kawerau posted the biggest annual increase of 23.3 percent, albeit at a lower base where the average current value was $250,975. Tararua values were up 20.1% at $230,915.

The national average value was $686,975, compared to Auckland’s $1,033,583. Wellington values came in at $706,123, while Hamilton was at $585,579, up 5.1% from a year earlier, and Tauranga values were at $740,222, also up an annual 5.1%.

Wellington region was up 8.2%, Christchurch values increased an annual 1.3% to $498,105 and Dunedin values were up 13% at $457,530. Queenstown Lakes values increased an annual 3.3% $1,194,045.

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