Homeowners in regional NZ are making the quickest capital gains on their properties. Investors may start looking to regional centres for opportunities.

• The latest QV data shows nationwide residential property values increased 12.9% y-o-y, up 0.6% over the past 3 months.

• Home values in Auckland rose 12.3% y-o-y but dipped 0.2% in 3 months, while Rotorua’s up 28.2%, Queenstown Lakes’ also up 28.5%, & Hastings’ up 20.4%.

• Wellington had the fastest rise of the main centres, up 21.2% y-o-y & 3.7% in 3 months, while Hamilton City’s overall values rose 15.7% y-o-y.

• Home values in Christchurch City are rising again, up 2.4% y-o-y, & 0.6% in 3 months, while all areas in the North & South Island saw values rise in a year, except Grey District.

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