Meet one of the top performers at First Avenue Property Management, a family-owned small company in Christchurch. Diane Colgan has been a property manager at First Avenue for over a decade. She managed more than 30 properties for a number of property owners in Christchurch and handled them well. She currently manages 10 residential properties.

Like Diane, the property managers at First Avenue have their own portfolios, so they have an excellent working relation with owners and tenants. They manage all aspects pertaining to their properties for a standard rate of only 8%. They do their inspections every 3 months. When vetting a potential tenant, they screen them by obtaining rental reference and checking that this person owns the property (if they don’t use a property management service). They also check employment, do credit and back ground checks.

If  you’re interested in her service & want to get in touch with her,  you may call her office 377-0509 or shoot her an email at