The Mayor’s Housing Taskforce have released their plan for helping Wellington’s housing issues, with the suggestion of increasing building heights and allowing more site coverage, stepping up council-led development, and signing a new partnership agreement with the Government.

The report stated ways the council could improve its processes to make building homes easier. The report recommends a closer working relationship between central and local government.

Head of the taskforce Deputy Mayor Paul Eagle said the council needed to provide incentives to encourage more development, and to build thousands of new social and affordable houses itself.

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester established the housing taskforce in October to use the expert knowledge of the building industry, social services, public health sector, central government, and the property industry.


Wellington has an existing shortfall of approximately 3900 homes in the city.

 20,000 – 30,000 extra dwelling will be required to meet projected population growth to 2043

Central city’s population grew 100 per cent between 2001 and 2013, is expected to increase by another 84 per cent, from 18,019 residents in 2013 to 33,150 in 2043.

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