Property managers and landlords can access a score assessing a prospective tenant’s potential risk. Tenancy Information New Zealand (TINZ) has launched a Tenancy Risk Score, which ranks individuals and companies from 0 to 1,000.

A good score is 600-1,000 and a poor score is 500 or below. The average score across the database is 630.

The Tenancy Risk Score pulls information from sources such as credit reporting agency illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet), Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal orders, debt collectors, Land Transport New Zealand driver’s licence information, home ownership records and the Personal Property & Securities Register. It creates the score based on an individual or company’s history and behaviour, giving landlords and property managers a quick and easily understandable overview of the potential risk of letting a property.

Landlords and property managers can access the Tenancy Risk Score at

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