Aspiring investors who want to get on the property ladder & make a 7-digit portfolio must outsmart the market, & never focus on out-saving it. A 28-year-old freight forwarder shares how he got a $1.7m property portfolio, hoping he could inspire others.

• He began buying 4 years ago using KiwiSaver w/ $50k deposit & $15k given by his parents, & now owns 3 properties worth $1.7 million.

• The main advice he gives to aspiring investors is that instead of thinking how to save money, concentrate on how to earn more money.

• Forget what economists say about hardening up, saving more & forgoing luxuries for they won’t help them start on the property ladder.

• Work out how to earn more money, invest in yourself & find like-minded people who have more experience than you do.

• Educate yourself on property investment, go to different seminars, join different groups like Auckland Property Investors Association & NZPIF.

Or, better yet, join the NZ Property Investors Club for they help people make money from real estate & bring their property investment goals to life.

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