Winston Peters has admitted that terminating letting fees may lead to “temporary rent rises” during Question Time in Parliament today.

Mr Peters was answering on behalf of Jacinda Ardern when National Party leader Simon Bridges raised the issue.

Mr Peters then admitted that rent rises may occur due to the policy, but said tackling housing supply was the Government’s main focus.

 Mr Bridges tried to find out specifics of possible rent rises.

“How long will the temporary rise last and how much will it be?” he asked.

Mr Peters went back to the issue of supply.

“The Government admitted when it saw the mess and dysfunctionism between supply and demand in housing in this country that we wouldn’t be able to fix it up all in one year or indeed two years.

“But because we were prepared to address a massive crisis in the housing situation of this country that there will be a temporary rise in the amount of rent.

“But then because we would be building 100,000 houses we would get on top of this problem, not like the previous government that denied there was a crisis until a day after the election and then discovered one in the same way Columbus discovered America, purely by accident.”

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