New Zealand has a lot going for it.

ANALYSIS: New Zealand has a lot going for it.

With its golden beaches, growing regions and warm climate, many Kiwis seem rather content with their lot.
In a wellbeing survey 81.1% of Kiwis rated their overall life satisfaction as 7 or above out of 10.
But are there certain cities where New Zealanders are at their most happy?
We look at what New Zealand’s top cities have going for them.


Auckland is a big, bustling city full of noise and traffic and people – roughly 1.4 million people live across the region. So what draws Kiwis to the city of sails?

Jobs. Many of New Zealand’s largest businesses, firms, schools and hospitals are based in Auckland, creating job opportunities across a range of industries.

The climate. Auckland’s climate is warmer compared to many South Island towns. Its mean temperature in 2018 was 15.9 degrees Celsius.

The beaches are also a drawcard. Auckland is hemmed with golden, sandy beaches, like Mission Bay and Takapuna, which are easily accessible.

But when it comes to housing, be prepared for your wallet to be stung. It’s a well known fact that Auckland is one of the most expensive places in the country to buy.

Average property prices: Median price of $973,000 in Auckland City
Sunshine hours: 2041 hours
Employment rate: 68.3%
Average weekly income: $1228 (before tax)


The capital – is a city full of art, theatre, great cafes and of course politicians. More than 470,000 people live in the Wellington Region.

It has some great beaches – Lyall Bay, Oriental Bay, and Breaker Bay – just to name a few.

Compared to Auckland, its property prices are cheaper.

Over the past few years, a string of city-dwellers from Wellington and Auckland have packed their bags and moved to the regions. REINZ’s says this is often because people are able to get more for their money in the regions.

Average property prices: $715,000 in Wellington City.
Sunshine hours: 1900 hours in 2018.
Employment rate: 71.9%
Average weekly income: $1257 for the Wellington region.


The garden city is continuing to grow and expand with investment.

Christchurch typically has a drier climate, Southern Canterbury in particular sees a lot of sun.

New Brighton and Sumner Beach are also drawcards, but they’re arguably not as grand as Auckland’s beaches.

However Christchurch’s housing is more affordable when compared to the other major cities.

Average property prices: $445,000 in Christchurch City.
Sunshine hours: 2017 hours.
Employment rate: 66.1%
Average weekly income: $1101 for the region.

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