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New Zealand’s first tiny house village will be opening in Muriwai this spring.

Entrepreneur and property investor Kyron Gosse has finally done what many could not in New Zealand, figuring out how to legally accommodate tiny houses on wheels.

The village will be on the site of the Muriwai campgrounds and lodge, using a model that Gosse calls Freedom Village that will be owned by the residents.

“It is structured so that each of them buys into the actual holding company, with a licence to occupy,” he says. “Each [house owner] owns a share of the land, and will also earn a percentage of the profits of the café to meet their expenses.

The village will have sites for 18 owner-built tiny houses on wheels as well as a community cafe and co-working space.

Gosse calls the model, which is a first for New Zealand, a form of co-tiny housing, with the distinction that while he builds the infrastructure, each owner builds their own house.

The purchase of the Muriwai campground, with its mix of cabins and caravans included the Muriwai Lodge Store , which Gosse plans to turn into a whole foods, plant based café – the former chef is already in talks with an operator – while the upstairs becomes a co-working space for the community.

“This is a place for visitors to Muriwai as well as tiny house owners, a place to meet and socialise, to collaborate and grow. “

Gosse’s plan is for 18 tiny houses on the 8477 sq m site close to the beach, all built by their owners. Because the houses are all on wheels, the village complies with the 1985 Campground Act, solving the problem for many would-be tiny house owners.

“I decided in mid-2018 to stop talking about it and start making it happen. But then I had to figure ‘where can we do this?’ a whole community living in tiny houses.”

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