What is a property investment company?

As property investment becomes a mainstream solution for everyday Kiwis to advance their financial position, many are turning to property investment experts to guide them through the process of buying a property, but what do these experts actually offer, why is it free and what’s in it for them?


First of all, seeking the help of a property expert isn’t for everyone. For those who have been there, done that, adding another party to the equation appears to add a layer of complexity to the process. Afterall, when you buy a rental property you are likely already dealing with a real estate agent, lawyer, mortgage broker and property manager, and possibly an accountant too. 

With all those appointments, who would want another one? The answer is in the first line of this article – Everyday Kiwis – and it turns out we everyday Kiwis are anything but ‘everyday’. We all have different reasons for seeking the help of an expert.

For some, we’ve been considering a rental property for years, but taking on enormous amounts of debt becomes something we prefer to put in the do-it-later pile. Maybe we just need someone to tell us we’re doing the right thing and nudging us forward. 

Sometimes we just want a safety net – someone who’s been before us, to pull us back if we’re making a mistake. 

Maybe we are just too busy, with work, family, life. We just need someone to do the leg work.

Without growing up around property investment, or spending a lifetime learning about it, we might be seeking more knowledge before we take the plunge.

A property investment company can provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to overcome any hesitation which has prevented you from taking opportunities in the past. 

One thing we probably all share in common is that if we can do something better, easier, and safer, we’re pretty keen – especially if it doesn’t cost anything. Well it turns out, working with a property investment company should be all of that, and that complexity we spoke about before is actually quite the opposite.

Imagine how much easier the process of learning about property investment, finding the perfect investment, and dealing with all of those professionals could be done under one roof, and that extra layer provided is a person who has spent their own lifetime investing in property, who has your back, tells you what’s what, and packages this life changing event into a process you look back on in ten years and say “that was easy”.

Now I did promise to tell you what’s in it for them. Why do these companies and experts offer this service for free? Answer – Real estate fees. When you or anyone else buys a property, there is almost always a real estate commission involved, which is paid by the seller. The property investment companies will normally receive part of that commission when you have chosen your first rental property, in much the same way you’d expect a mortgage broker or buyers agent to be remunerated.


People are making a lot of money in real estate, but for whatever reason, if you haven’t yet done it, the Property Investors Club would like to help. There is no perfect moment to wait for, you haven’t left it too late and you haven’t missed the boat. 

You can trust our advice. Nobody wants to gamble with their life savings. We share our extensive experience to provide you with a sound understanding of how property investment works.


Together we can set you on the right path.

Gareth Webber – Senior Adviser, Property Investors Club

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