How the Property Investors Network helps you.

People are making a lot of money in real estate, but for whatever reason, we haven’t all done it. Is property investment something you’ve wanted to do for years but you still haven’t found the right opportunity?

There is no perfect moment to wait for, you haven’t left it too late and you haven’t missed the boat. We can provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to overcome any hesitation which has prevented you from taking opportunities in the past.

You can trust our advice, and talk to all the Property Investors Network clients that came before you. Nobody wants to gamble with their life savings. We share our extensive experience to provide you with a sound understanding of how property investment works.

Together we can set you on the right path.

The Property Investors Network Process

We offer a one stop solution for most types of investment strategies, by working through a four step investment program with our clients. 


Join us at an introductory to property investment event in Christchurch. There are different types, mostly with the same content, but varying times, venues and perks. We try to make them fun, usually with food and drink provided, but ultimately these are about educating you to become a savvy investor or landlord. Event sizes vary between 30 and 50, with tickets priced from $20.

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After you’ve been to one of our property investment introductory events, you’ll have the opportunity to book a free planning meeting with one of our consultants, to establish what investment strategy is the best fit for you, the types of property you could consider, the best location to buy, what your budget should look like, and an action plan which will set you on the path to bring all this information to fruition.

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Finally, once you know your investment strategy and what type of property is best for you, we present a selection of purchase options from private listings, developers, real estate agents and exclusive property finder stock lists which we’ve curated, so you can be comfortable knowing you’re choosing from only the best investment options available, and won’t end up buying the wrong property for your strategy.

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Before you buy a property, we’ll guide you through a two to three week due diligence process, giving you a complete understanding of your property choice and financial implications.

How much does it cost to work with the Property Investors Network?

Our entire service to you is free. In fact, we will never charge you a cent – we’re industry funded – but what does that really mean?

Much like a stock broker, real estate agent or mortgage adviser, we’re paid by the seller of the properties we recommend. Does that mean your options will be limited, or you’ll end up paying more for the property you choose? Absolutely not. We are merely taking a cut of the real estate fees which are already included in every property listing, and we’ll consider all good rental properties for you. In fact, if you find something you like elsewhere, we’ll still provide our complete free service, no questions asked.

Here’s our promise to you..
• You’ll like us.
• We will make it easy.
• We’re painfully honest, because that’s what works.

This is all we ask for in return…
• Hear what we have to say.
• Tell your friends about us.
• Be our champions.

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