Property 101

We’re not just here to invest in property for you – we’re also here to empower you to learn for yourself if that is your preference. Here are a range of guides on the key tenets of property investment. Once you understand these basic principles, you’ll know more about investing than most of your friends!
Start here if you’re new to property investment!

Property Investment for Beginners

Some people prefer to do it themselves. If that sounds like you, here’s some info to get you started.
(20 minute read)


If you’re on the fence about property investment, you probably haven’t thought about leverage.
(2 minute read)

Growth vs Yield

AKA capital gain and rental return, this is probably the most important principle you need to know.
(5 minute read)

The Market Cycle

The property market follows a somewhat predictable trend: a boom, a slump, then a recovery.
(3 minute read)

Property Value

No two economists ever seem to have the same view of where the market is at, but there are a few points they will agree on.
(3 minute read)

Building a Portfolio

Whether you want to own 2 houses or 200, it’s helpful to understand the portfolio building cycle – and it’s really quite simple.
(2 minute read)

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