We’re not just here to invest in property for you – we’re also here to empower you to learn for yourself if that is your preference. Here are a range of tools we have created to help you determine what to invest in and when. 

Property Investment for Beginners

Some people prefer to do it themselves. If that sounds like you, here’s some info to get you started.
(20 minute read)

Weekly Savings

Use this calculator to find out how much money you should be saving per week – starting now! – to be comfortable when you retire.

Profit or Loss?

Use this calculator to find out how much your chosen property investment strategy may (or may not) make you!

Gross & Net Yield

Use this calculator to find out what your gross and net yield is on your purchased property investment.

What's Your Borrowing Capacity?

Find out what you can afford to buy, based on your equity position.

What Strategy best suits you?

You can read all four of our investment strategy guides, or you could simply take this quiz and find out which one best suits you based on your answers.

Strategy Guide: Balanced

A balanced strategy takes a scale between maximum capital gains and maximum rent, then aims for a point in between that suits your own financial requirements best.

Strategy Guide: Yield

The yield strategy focuses on acquiring property with maximum rental potential – usually meaning you’ll enjoy a positive cash flow week to week but will probably not experience capital gains as much as a growth-focused approach.

Strategy Guide: Growth

Due to the economic nature of the property market, capital gain potential comes at a cost to rental income, and vice versa, so a growth strategy which focuses on acquiring property with maximum growth potential usually means forgoing some rental income and therefore increasing your weekly costs.

Strategy Guide: Flipping

This buy & sell strategy (AKA ‘flipping’) is the fastest way to create wealth through property investment. While it carries higher risk and requires more time commitment, for the right person it can be incredibly lucrative.

Master Guide: Property 101

Your guide to all of the basics of property investment!

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